Tuesday, December 09, 2008

in the Spirit

Things are in full Christmas mode around our house......lots of Christmas movie watching, hot chocolate drinking, Christmas book reading, decorating, singing, and shopping. Today, Mom, Jenni and I hit the stores and I picked up some of the "must haves" on Sienna's wish list. In fact, I think I am completely done with my kiddos, but far from done with everyone else. I am totally stressing over what to get my hubby this year???
Here are a few of our highlights from the past week:
1. Watching Grant watch our dancing/singing Santa (you know, the one that plays Jingle Bell Rock and shakes his booty back and forth).......it was hilarious watching him....he loved it and I remember Sienna being totally smitten with him on her first Christmas
2. Trip to the Arboretum.....it was a beautiful day.....we pulled the kids around in a wagon, took tons of photos, went on a carriage ride and took pictures with Santa....I couldn't believe that Sienna just started chatting away with him and told him exactly what she wants (a pink doll house and a pony....she means the My Little Pony btw, not a real one :) and we just backed Grant right up to Santa so he never even laid eyes on him :)
3. Going to get Texadelphia and eating it in the car while we drove around Highland Park to look at Christmas lights and then grabbing some hot chocolates at Starbucks
4. Taking a lovely little trip to the ER at Rockwall Presbe....OK, so this wasn't exactly a highlight, but we did make a memory....Grant has croup and we took him to the hospital on Sunday morning, but after a breathing treatment and 2 steroid shots, he seems to be on the mend (I pray)
Looking forward to making many more Christmas memories this year (hopefully there won't be anymore that involve hospitals!!!)

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The Russell Family said...

ohh such sweet pictures! I got your card today too and it's stunning! Love it and all the photos!! Merry Christmas!



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