Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday recap

We are really enjoying the Christmas Season this year!! There is still so much left to do, so many things left to buy, parties to finish planning, invitations and cards to get in the mail, presents to wrap, etc....but so far, I am really proud of how we have managed to really slow down and intentionally celebrate each day this month.

On Saturday, we went to the Harbor to shop, have lunch and visit with Santa. I can not get over how Sienna has changed her attitude about the jolly ole' man this year. When she saw him at the Harbor, she was yelling out his name and when she sat on his lap she told him her requests again and gave him a huge hug. After she got her hand painted, she even ran back over to Santa to make sure he saw the sparkly heart on her hand. Grant was not quite as excited to see Santa....he has this confused look on his face in the photo, but at least there were no tears or screams of terror :)
Sunday, we took Sienna to the Cowboy game and she had a blast!!
Monday night, Johnny and I went on a real date!! We got a baby sitter and had dinner at the Oar House in Rockwall. It was SO nice to go somewhere together and have an entire dinner without having our conversation interrupted 20 times :)
Then yesterday, Sienna's school was cancelled due to the ice on the road, so my Christmas shopping plans were put on hold for the day. Johnny and I made a quick trip to Starbucks (YUM!!) and while Grant was napping and Daddy was at Home Depot, Sienna and I took out our new nativity scene and I explained the Christmas story to her and told her who each person in the scene represented. She LOVED it, and every time someone comes to our house, she immediately points out the Nativity. We also played "Hide the Reindeer" last night and it was really hilarious and fun. I got the idea online and I think we will add it to our list of Holiday traditions. We took turns hiding a little stuffed reindeer and then giving clues as to where to find him. Sienna really enjoyed searching for the reindeer, but when it was her turn to hide it, she just couldn't resists telling us exactly where he was :)
Today is Sienna's Christmas dance recital and then tonight I am going to an Ornament party (still need to buy and wrap my ornament to day!!) many fun things in the days ahead and even though this time of year can get pretty darn stressful if you let it, I am trying my best to focus on all the fun things we have done as a family rather than beating myself up for all the things that will be left undone......

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