Tuesday, June 17, 2008

father's day recap

We had a great day Sunday!! We started the day with presents for Daddy (a "scrapbook" message board, ipod nano, Nike headphones, "The Last Lecture" book and "The Bucketlist" DVD) and then enjoyed time with our family by the pool.

It's easy to take for granted sometimes, but I feel so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful husband.......a man who loves being a father and takes that role very seriously. He is so in love with his children and it is obvious in everything he does (and the feeling is mutual)!

Being married is not always easy and I want our children to know that there are times when you will definitely feel like giving up, but life is so much more fulfilling when you hang in through the tough times and just have faith that better times are on the horizon.

Our lives are messy and chaotic and wonderful and terrifying and exciting and there is something to be grateful for every single day......the trick is to remember that even when it doesn't seem evident.

For today, life is good and I feel like celebrating it.....knowing that not every day will be like today, but having no fear about tomorrow.

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The Russell Family said...

Cute pictures!! And I LOVE the message - my mother ALWAYS told me marriage is not a feeling it's a commitment and you may not always FEEL like being married but you work through it and I really believe that is true and too many people just give up these days... :) Good for you for realizing that too - what an important lesson for all of us! HUGS! ~W


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