Friday, May 30, 2008

Jason Castro

So last night, we went to the Harbor for a mini concert with our hometown idol, Jason Castro. Sienna talks about him all the time and she was really excited to get to see him. It was extremely hot and extremely crowded, but Sienna was able to get on my shoulders and see Jason as he pulled up on a huge sailboat and walked to the stage.

The sound wasn't really that great, so we could barely hear him sing, but it was just fun to watch Sienna get excited, and she had so much fun playing with Kaleb and some of her friends that came.....I still think her favorite part was running in the fountains after the concert :) She also really enjoyed sharing her cupcakes with sprinkles that she and I made yesteday afternoon.

This morning she is still talking about "Jason Castro" and the "big sailboat" and the "airplanes and helicofters"...........I'm really glad that we made the effort to get out and be a part of our community and share in something that brought us all together even if it felt like it was 100 degrees!!

It was also Grant's 4 month Birthday yesterday and he had his check-up in the morning. He is cruising along just great and the doctor says he is a "good lookin' boy." He is definitely healthy (15.3 pounds)....maybe that has something to do with why he hasn't rolled over yet :) Of course it was a little traumatic getting 4 shots, but I am glad to have that behind us.

So today we are starting on cereal and in just a couple weeks, fruit and then vegetables!! I seriously can not believe he is already 4 months old and it is almost time to start real food. Just another reminder to take it all in and enjoy each and every moment.

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