Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Loving right now

1. Just finished reading Amy Butler's book "Midwest Modern" and I LOVED it!! I'm not really a modern decor kinda gal, but this book was really inspiring......love the photos and the message that life is really art and that making it more beautiful each day is an artistic endeavor in itself...alos loved the idea of paring down and just living with what you love...still trying to incorporate that way of life into our home a little each day

2. I am late getting on the Etsy bandwagon, but I have been spending way too much time browsing there lately....I have learned to just add items to my Favorites list and revisit them later to decide if it is really something I can't live without....but I am loving the idea of only brining things into our home that are hand-made with love (in the past couple days, I have ordered some journaling tags, an earring holder with Amy Butler fabric and some fabric photo mats...can't wait until they start arriving!!)

3. Mother's Day Out!!! This has turned out to be a life saver now that the new little one has arrived...Sienna gets to stay on her routine and be with her friends and make art and have snacks and play outside and Grant and I get to have a little time to ourselves...so nice :)

4. Johnny and I watched a movie together on the couch last night for the first time in FOREVER ("No Reservations")...cute movie and we really enjoyed feeling like a couple again (even if we did watch the entire movie with Grant asleep on my shoulder :)

5. Sienna makes me laugh every single day...I know this is a hard time for her, lots of adjustments lately, but she just amazes me every day with how incredibly smart she is...I can't believe she is only 2 years old...she is so clever and bright and has an amazing memory...I think having Grant has made me look at her so differently and she is just an amazing little girl!


The Russell Family said...

Oh Grant is soo cute!! Leighton will be here in 11 days or less - I'm soo excited!! I'm with you LOVE LOVE LOVE Amy Butler and I'm a huge ETSY fan!!! It's addicting! I'm on there daily since we sell too but the buying is sooo fun!!


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