Thursday, January 03, 2008

So I won't forget

Everything went well at the doctor's office today. He said that the baby has moved back up to where he should be, but he still wants me on bed rest for 1 more week...after that, I will have no restrictions and hopefully a couple more weeks to get everything ready before little Grant arrives.

Since I will be spending another week in bed, I won't be doing any scrapbooking (unless I can talk Johnny into going upstairs and bringing me some of my supplies...hmmmm??) But I don't want to forget some of the highlights from the last few weeks, so I thought I would share them here.

1. Everytime someone asked Sienna what Santa was bringing her this year, she said "a book" that!!

2. You have never heard anything cuter than Sienna running around the house saying "Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Chrit-mas"

3. She also loves singing little bits and pieces of "Away in a Manger" and the best part is seeing her clasp her hands together, lay her head in her hands and say "little Lord Jesus, lay down his sweet head"

4. Sienna really loaded up on gifts this year: a big playhouse for outside from GaGa, a pink Mustang from PaPa and Tracy, a little table and chairs from Mema and Pepa, a Dora tunnel, Dora "Fiesta Time" small bounce house with balls, Dora soccer ball, 2 tea sets and lots of books from Santa, along with baby dolls, clothes, pajamas, toy cell phones (her favorite), purses and I'm sure I'm forgetting so much more
5. For Sienna's 2nd B-day, we had a tea party theme and it turned out really well. We set up all the toys, tea sets, food, etc... in the garage and it was perfect after just finishing our garage floor. She loved sitting at her new little table and enjoying "tea" and cake with her friends
6. Days later, she is still singing "Happy Birthday dear Sienna,....."
7. Since I was restricted to bed the day before Sienna's B-day, Johnny went out and ran some errands with his Mom to pick up the drinks, ice, etc... He came back and was so proud of himself because he picked out Sienna's new tricycle and helmet, plus the cutest pink crocs with the fur trim and a sweet, sweet card for her sweet!!
8. We spent New Year's Eve this year with Elizabeth and Dickson. A very low-key night with ravioli, bread, wine (sparkling grapejuice for me) and fun conversation. I actually didn't make it until midnight, but about 30 seconds before, Johnny came in and turned on the tv so I could see the ball drop and get a little smooch :)

On another note, I was looking back at my January posts from last year and realized that I don't think I accomplished ONE of my goals :( Must do better this year!!!

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