Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Our home for the Holidays

I think I have finally put the finishing touches on all of the Christmas decorating (for now) and I am ready to just sit back and enjoy it....This year, I am in love with all things mercury glass!! I bought a few items last year and have been loading up everytime I come across an ornament, candlestick, etc.... I just love the way it looks at night with the candles lit and the tree on..makes me very happy :) The last photo is something I saw done recently on Ali Edward's blog. I decided to change it up a bit by adding some snow to the inside of a plain glass ornament and the just adding a monogram sticker to the outisde of the ornament for each member of our family. Then I just hung them from the light fixture in our kitchen area by some red and black ribbon I had on hand. I like that it makes our decorations a little more personalized.
On Monday, we went to see the trains at Northpark and Sienna got to visit with Santa afterwards. While we were waiting in line, she was very excited and kept repeating that she was going to ask Santa for a book for Christmas (I have no idea how she came up with this idea???). Once she actually sat in his lap, she didn't say a word, but at least she didn't cry this year :) I love that she is really enjoying Christmas this year and starting to get excited about everything she sees and hears. She LOVES the lights everywhere in the house, the little Christmas villages in the dining room with the moving trains and she runs around the house saying "Ho, Ho, HO, Merry Christmas" Last night, she watched Frosty the Snowman and then twirled around in circles pretending to be cute!!


rebecca sower said...

Absolutely love these all...your home is beautiful! My favorite, the centerpiece with all the clever!

the goodie box girls said...

Looks so cozy and beautiful!!
Love it!



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