Monday, October 22, 2007

a crazy Sunday

Yesterday was a scary day for our little family. It started out great, we all got dressed for the Cowboy game and then headed into Dallas to look at baby stuff at Pottery Barn Kids. We picked up a few things for "baby boy Gussio" and then drove over to the game. Johnny had Sienna on his shoulders walking in, and she looked so cute in her little Tonly Romo jersey :) I was snapping pictures of the 2 of them walking ahead of me. Once we got up to the suites, Johnny lifted Sienna off his shoulders so she could go say hello to everyone and unfortunately, he was standing directly under the wooden ceiling fan in the room...... I heard the "bonk" and turned around to see her little face just crumble into tears. Johnny ran with her into the hall to get a better look at her injuries and I just fell apart. My knees got weak and I started having trouble breathing. I could tell she was in a lot of pain (not to mention shock) and my heart just broke for my little girl. Long story short, the paramedics came and checked her out and then we went to the First Aid center for them to monitor her. They all agreed that it looked worse than it was and that she was responding appropriately (crying, looking up when her name was called, not vomitting, not falling asleep, etc...) We ended up returning to the game so that we could get away from the crowds and let her rest in my arms away from all the strangers. By the time we got back up to the suites, she was laughing and wanting to run around....she was handling the whole thing much better than I was :)

Needless to say, Johnny and I didn't get much sleep last night and we had a couple deep conversations about how a situation like that really makes you take stock and realize what is truly important in our life. Sienna means everything to us and our love is just going to grow with the addition of our little boy in Feb.
There is nothing harder than seeing your child in pain. It broke my heart and made me even more certain what my priorities are.

I feel so blessed that she seems to be just fine (a few scratches and a puffy eye) and that God made children so resilient.
(just thought I would include a picture of Sienna and her daddy at the Pumpkin Patch last week, before all the drama...)

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The Russell Family said...

Blees your heart - it's so scary when your kiddos get hurt.... Glad she's ok! I lost your email address! When is your due date? Sounds like the little ones will be born around the same time - we will have to get together when I'm on maternity leave! I got Landen's at a shop that is no longer around but have you tried You and Me Babe - it's at Preston and Campbell ish - i think.... The lady who helped with the bedding - Jackie was her name I think - went there- also try - lots of designers - like ebay without all the junk - it's all handmade items... email me at the office - hugs


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