Wednesday, April 04, 2007

family traditions

I am a part of a MOPS group (mothers of pre-schoolers) that meets at my church 2 times a month and this morning we had a speaker on Making Time for Family Traditions. I got so many great ideas and thought I would share some of them here.......

1. Decorate a box (the medium sized ones at the craft store) with your family on New Year's Day and leave it out throughout the year to drop in little bits from your days (ticket stubs, certificates, pepples, napkins from kid's B-days, etc...) then on the next New Years day you can sit down as a family and go through the box together

2. Make a Hand Print book and every year on your child's B-day, stamp their handprint into the book and write a little bit about them at that age (we are doing this with the little stepping stone kits you get at Michaels---doing a handprint each year and then adding it to the garden)

3. Birthday Balloon Surprise----after your child has gone to sleep on the eve of their B-day sneak into their room and fill it with balloons so that when they wake up, they will be can also decorate their chair at the kitchen table

4. For the days leading up to Easter or Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day, etc. die cuts to go with the holiday (eggs, leaves, hearts, etc...) and anytime your child does something kind or loving for someone else, write it on the die cut and hang it on a centerpiece = (gather branches during the Fall and hang the die cut leaves from the branches)

5. Have a special candle that you light in honor of someone in your family who has accomplished something significant (tying their shoes, losing a tooth, getting a good grade, making a goal, etc..)you can light the candle at dinner time and let everyone at the table know that it is in honor of that person's accomplishment---don't forget Mom and Dad's big accomplishments....

There were so many more great ideas, but these were a few that stuck in my head. I hope you learned something new like I did. Even though I am scrapbooking our life as a family, I think it is so important to have traditions that we can do as a family---creating memories for my daughter that she will cherish forever........

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those sound great. i like the pink on your blog a lot!


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