Friday, March 23, 2007

my style

Fom the day I started scrapbooking, I have read so much about "finding your scrapbooking style"..... I must admit, it was intimidating to me at first---even with all the talk about letting your style evolve and not rushing things, I found myself feeling pressured about determining my unique style. It was getting really frustrating b/c I felt like I needed to find my style and then stick to it---never straying from the "look." But then I decided to let all of that go.... I mean how silly to feel pressure and anxiety over something that is supposed to be about creating and inspiration and the process!! So maybe after I have scrapbooked for a few more years I will begin to see some sort of unique style develop, but for now, I am enjoying not having a defined style. Some days I am inspired by Heidi Swapp and I want to do a layout or 2 that is girly and pink and sparkly---so I might pull out some of her products or look at her idea book and go from there. On other days, I am in an "Ali Edward's" mood and I want to be a little more graphic and really focus on the story I want to tell. Some days I like the shabby chic look and I might look at Pam Garrison's blog or Teresa McFayden's blog and then the very next day I might want to do something really bright and loud, so I might check out what Elsie is creating these days or get some inspiration from the Dare girls?? The point is, I like the fact that I don't really have a defined style just yet--I let my mood or the products or the story decide where the layout will take me and looking back through my albums, I realized that this has made for a much more interesting story.


Anonymous said...

Well Id have to say that I think that your style is great!!
Its so fun to play too, and keep options open, you know so it doesnt get boring or the same.

Paula said...

Love that piece, gorgeous!
I don't think I have A particular style but tend to go for similar.
I am still work in progress!!!!


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