Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Lately, I have had so many ideas floating around in this little head of mine! I really want to expand on the creativity and inspiration that I am surrounded by---I have been so very inspired by the artists that I have come to know through scrapbooking and I want to share this new passion of mine with others. I have been toying with the idea of putting together an Art Festival for the little town we live in........we don't really have anything like that and I think it would be such a great thing for this community. We went to the Flutterby Festival in Florida last year and I was so inspired! Great artists, intersting people, fun and creative things for the kids...just lots of artsy goodness :) I would so love to bring a little art and culture and inspiration here to our little piece of heaven!

I have also been thinking about teaching some scrapbook classes for people in my neighborhood and community. Don't get me wrong, there is still so much I have to learn about this hobby and I only just started scrapbooking myself about a year ago, but I just think it would be so fun to come up with my own classes and structure them the way I would want a class to be structured if I were taking one myself.......a way to share creativity and inspiration and the stories of our lives. I really have NO idea how to even go about something like that, but in making this a "Year to Remember" I am vowing not to put things off because of fear. I think we have a tendency to just assume someone else has already done it or that someone else could do it better, but usually that is just fear preventing us from doing something that we would find true joy in.

So..... now I need to pray about it and listen for the answers and just DO IT :)

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Liz Ness said...

Oh Kristy, you'd be great! GO FOR IT (for both the festival and teaching)!


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