Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Catching Up

Things have been so hectic lately and I have been a very bad blogger...... I am really using this blog as an online journal, an easy way to keep track of all our goings-on, so I feel guilty when I neglect it----I don't want to miss jotting down anything really important :)

I was thinking today what a great month this has been for me as a mother. Sienna is on a really good schedule lately (I know, I better knock on wood quickly) and I have just enjoyed her these past few weeks more than ever. She is so smiley and sweet and happy and fun to be around. I love holding her and cuddling with her and I really feel like we have bonded as mother and daughter. It has taken some time for me to settle into motherhood. Of course, I have loved her from the beginning and I am so thankful that I never suffered from post partum depression, but I must admit that I felt uneasy and exhausted in the first weeks of her life. Looking back, I realize it was a mixture of sleep deprivation, hormones, love, fear, gratitude, and anxiety, but now I know how people can forget about the pain of delivery and the sleepless nights and go on to have more children. They truly are a gift from God and I realize that now more than ever.
This year has been so hard for my family and I, but when I look at her and think about the blessings she has brought to us, I only feel intense gratitude and love. I know there are people that struggle to have children and I thank God every single day that He thought enough of us to bless us with our perfect little angel.

We are enjoying our Summer, although the 100+ temps are a tad unbearable and we really could use some rain. The best part is that we are finally getting a pool in the backyard. I can't wait to go swimming!!!

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