Thursday, October 20, 2011

the arboretum

I love the Dallas Arboretum in the Fall! It is magically beautiful, and filled to the brim with pumpkins and flowers around every corner. As luck would have it, the temperatures were less than Fall-like on the day we went, which resulted in a lot of complaining mixed in with the beautiful scenery......but I'm still glad we made the effort. I'm still glad that we went to breakfast that morning as a family (even if the service was pretty bad and the kids were absolutely starving by the time their meal arrived). I'm still glad that I have the pictures from that day even if the sun was blazing and the kiddos were squinting in most of them. I'm still glad that we walked around together, and pointed out the beauty surrounding us, and held hands, and had snacks on our blanket even if it would have been easier (and cooler) to let the kids run around in our own back yard. I'm still glad we made these memories.


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