Monday, July 18, 2011

Watercolor (part 1)

Last night, our little family returned from a week long vacation to Watercolor, Florida.

We had a blast! It was a trip filled with everything a good beach trip should be filled with: sandcastles, sno cones, popsicles on the porch, swimming, bike rides and lots & lots of laughs (and of course, a few meltdowns for good measure).

A few of my favorite memories:

1. Watching "Parent Trap" on the big screen movie projector outside on the lawn
2. Watching the kids overcome their initial fear and then riding on the canoe with their daddy
3. Taking a canoe ride with daddy myself
4. Gaga volunteering to watch the kiddos so Johnny and I could have a date night.......dinner at "George's" in Alys Beach (highly recommend)
5. Seeing Grant take off his life jacket on the last day and swim & jump fearlessly in the pool
6. Camp Watercolor (best idea ever & the kids had a blast)
7. Listening to the concert in Seaside while the kids ran around with glow in the dark light sabers
8. Browsing through Sundog Books in Seaside and finding the time to actually finish 2 great books

The week went by way too fast and I am already looking forward to next year!!!

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