Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer fun

I have a confession to make: Summer is not my favorite season of the year. I'm an Autumn girl myself.  I'm also a pretty big fan of Springtime, and Winter is home to my favorite holiday as well as the birthdays of both of our kiddos.

I usually dread Summertime due to the unbearably hot temperatures here in Texas, the lack of a set schedule, the pressure to fill every waking hour with something creative or memorable......you get the idea.

But this year, I decided to approach things a bit differently. I decided to just go with the flow, and really allow myself to enjoy and appreciate all the good things that only Summer can offer: swimming and popsicles and block parties and dance recitals and lazy days and s'mores and sno cones and more swimming and the smell of sunscreen and trips to the water park and farmer's markets and parades and sparklers and bubbles and sidewalk chalk and sleepovers with the cousins and staying up late and maybe just maybe getting to sleep in every now and then.

First up, I gathered up the kids and got busy making one of the oh-so-popular "Summer Bucket Lists."

Nothing fancy....it took us all of about 20 minutes. We hung it front and center on the bulletin board in the kitchen with plenty of space to add photos of the items as we check them off our list.

And then we started in on the fun!

We hosted a "Donut, Milk and OJ Party" for our neighborhood 

Relaxed with snacks by the pool 

Made a coffee filter butterfly craft & then hung our work on the mantel

Got sno-cones at Bahama Bucks 

 Cheered Grant on in his first stab at team sports

 Co-hosted a dinner party with friends

Took the kiddos to the local Farmer's Market 

 Swam at a friend's house & watched the Mavs win the National Championship

 Enjoyed the sun set from our front yard

 Made an impromptu decision to head to Great Wolf Lodge for Father's Day weekend

And Sienna finally got pink feathers put in her hair

I can't believe we are only one month into our Summer! We still have 2 more months to go with the flow, relax, get dirty, have fun and make memories. Here's to checking off those items on our Summer Bucket Lists!!


pugpuppy said...

You serious? Summer rocks! Autumn is not too bad it's just the weather I can't stand!

Lauren said...

I LOVE your idea of a summer bucket list!


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