Tuesday, March 01, 2011


recently I have been neglecting my blog........letting life get in the way, thinking too hard about what to post, then looking up a realizing how much time has passed since I last posted

recently I started reading "29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life" by Cami Walker (highly recommend it)

recently the hubby and I have been obsessed with The Bachelor (I know, I know)

recently I have been thinking about traveling, and how taking a break from your everyday routine is amazing and necessary

recently I paid all the bills on my desk, filed paperwork and felt really good about checking something off of my to-do list

recently I have been refocusing my attention on my One Little Word for the Year: ENJOY.......taking the time to check in with myself throughout the day to make sure I'm living in the moment and not just running from task to task

recently I got a spray tan and really liked how I looked with a little color :-)

recently Spring has been on my mind......new pillows for the couch, a few faux cherry blossom branches for the mantel, our annual photo shoot in the Texas bluebonnets, and maybe even a trip to the beach (fingers crossed)

recently Sienna started t-ball again and she is so very excited

recently Grant had Western Day at school and he looked so stinkin' cute in his jeans, plaid shirt, boots and Woody hat

recently I uploaded photos to Costco to put in my Project Life book....have I mentioned how much I LOVE this project!

recently I can't say enough about Pinterest

recently I came across these pictures from early February and they made me smile (nothing fancy, but this is real life around our home: bed head, still in pajamas, watching cartoons intensely, eating snacks)

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ell.uu said...

isaac and i watch the bachelor too, and i love that he watches it without shame. he's out of town this week and it was so boring (and a little sad) to watch it without him last night. i'm also obsessed with Pinterest. glad we get to follow each other on there.


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