Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the patch......part 3 (the end)

The last of our pumpkin patch visits came on Monday evening. We let the kids browse the pumpkins (again), run in the hay maze (again), and pose in front of the scarecrow (again). And somehow, they managed to have a great time (again)! I was determined to get at least one family shot and a few shots of the kiddos in something other than a costume or a school uniform, and both goals were accomplished = a successful evening at the pumpkin patch.

We continued our week-long Halloween celebration last night with "Spooky Story Time." We turned out all the lights in the house, lit a bunch of candles in the living room, cozied up on the couch, and read stories from our Fall basket. Then, the kids took turns telling "ghost stories" (which mainly consisted of them yelling "BOO!!" every five seconds in an attempt to get the other one to laugh). It was a total hit!! It was super simple to pull off, but the kids thought it was special, and Grant has already asked if we can have "Smooky" Halloween Story Time again tonight :)

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Angela said...

Ohhh my those photos are adorable!!! Okay, in the WORLD did you learn to take photos so well? I just LOVE looking at them!!!


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