Wednesday, August 11, 2010

right now

1. She is a fan of Cheetos (I can't remember where she first encountered them, but she is officially in love)!!

2. We are all fans of arts & crafts!! She loves telling people that they did a great job and that they are "artists." He loves coloring, cutting, painting and sticking stickers everywhere but on the actual craft table. I love that I moved the craft supplies out of the laundry room and into a cabinet in the kitchen that can either be locked or left open (so that the kiddos can reach their own supplies) depending on how brave I am feeling.

3. He is a fan of pineapple! And strawberries and bananas and peaches and oranges and blueberries.

4. I am a fan of taking pictures. I haven't picked up my camera as much this Summer as I would have liked, but I am feeling the urge carry it with me, to capture the "small" moments, to document our days, to peek at life through my lens.

1 comment:

Krysta said...

I love your pictures. I'm glad you feel like picking up your camera! :)


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