Monday, August 02, 2010

the end of Summer

The end of Summer is upon us. June and July have come and gone, which means the beginning of the school year is just around the corner. For me, that means frantically trying to cram everything in that I meant to get to this Summer, but never quite found the time. It means silencing the inner voice that says we didn't "DO" enough this Summer. It means looking back through all the photos on my computer and smiling at the memories we made. And, of course, for me, it also means making a list of those memories:

Our Summer
lots and lots of popsicles
celebrating Daddy's birthday with family
a bridal shower for a precious friend
art projects for Sienna
a Summer notebook
potty-training for Grant
big boy underwear
S.O.F.A. camp
way too many trips to the doctor for me
allergy injections
a fantastic fireworks show
a trip to Santa Fe
lots of time in the pool
swimmer's ear for daddy
Grant surfing behind the boat (while mama was out of town!!)
discovering Pinkberry
sleepovers at GaGa's house
playing with cousins
a picnic on the front lawn
taking the guard rails off Sienna's bed
going back to work
trips to the park
staying inside during the 100+ heat waves
discovering Pandora
a run-in with bag worms in the flower beds
standing in line for the iphone 4
swim lessons
2 rounds of strep throat
a concert on the lake
Sienna's first sparkler
reading great books...and a couple not so great books
spontaneous play dates
a neighborhood crawfish boil
a dance recital
a serious obsession with silly bandz
photo album scrapbooking
a date night for mama and daddy
a home management notebook
and more memories to come......

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