Wednesday, June 02, 2010

easy to complain, hard to change

It's easy to complain......hard to change!!

It's easy to go on and on about my lack of energy and tight-fitting pants, it's hard to actually put down the peanut M&Ms, eat some vegetables and maybe even break a sweat once in awhile.

It's easy to dream about idyllic Summer days, filled with extravagant crafts and cozy mother-child bonding moments, it's hard to actually put down the iphone and pick up the book, the crayons, the markers, the blocks, the Barbies.

It's easy to pass along some heath-ful tip I read in a magazine, it's hard to go to the store, buy the vitamins and actually remember to take them.

It's easy to talk about how important my marriage is, it's hard to actually schedule the date night.

It's easy to ponder the idea of pursuing my passion, it's hard to send the email, believe in myself, step out in faith.

It's easy to believe in the power of friendship, it's hard to make the time for dinner, coffee, drinks, a movie, a phone call.

It's easy to call on God when I need him, it's hard to make the time for Him when I don't realize I do.

It's easy to feel moved my someone else's charitable act, it's hard to make time to be the one doing the giving.

It's easy to read up on saving for kid's college tuition, investing in an IRA, putting money away every week, it's hard to set-up the account, get the advice, skip the trip to Target, to just say "No" to yet another toy.

It's easy to think about all the ways we don't measure up, all the ways in which we could be better, do better, try harder, but it's hard to actually sit down and take a few minutes to create an action plan....a few tiny steps toward positive change. I'm creating mine today!


Erin said...

SO TRUE! You've totally motivated me to put down the candy and eat some vegetables... or at least think about it. ;)

Krysta said...

I couldn't agree with you more. It seems to me like we are always on the same page. I have been thinking these same things lately and did a little post of my own today too. Good luck with your plan! Plans always seem to help me.


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