Thursday, February 25, 2010

making me happy

(1) In my never-ending quest to organize my craft supplies, I came across this little "She Writes" phrase card and did a little happy dance.......I mean really, how perfect is that!! My one little word for the year is "Write," and this is an absolute perfect little reminder of that commitment. (It now happily resides in the kitchen among my collection of brown and white transferware).

(2) This little nook in our home just makes me happy every time I walk by, and lately, I have actually been picking up a piece of fruit here and there and eating it rather than simply admiring how pretty it looks :)

(3) The bulletin board in our kitchen is about to get a much-needed Spring makeover, but I thought I would snap a quick photo of it before the papers, cards and projects come down and are filed away.

Other things that are making me happy these days:
***this upcoming class all about blogging
***telling all my friends about "Winter Garden".....I just finished reading it and it is excellent
***waiting on 2 happy packages to arrive: a box full of fun hair stuff for Sienna from etsy and 2 more books from Amazon
***getting caught up on our Project Life book.....I am really enjoying the process of filling each slot with photos, journaling and random bits of our everyday life

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