Monday, February 15, 2010

around here

around here: we are re-living moments spent playing in the snow.....snowball fights, snow angels, snowflakes on eyelashes, fuzzy hats and wide-eyed excitement.

around here: we are relishing these memories knowing that snowfall like this is not likely to come around again anytime soon

around here: we are feeling relaxed and rested after a mommy-daddy get-away to Austin.....cupcakes from an airstream, cozy hotel bedding, spring-like temperatures, coffee and tea at Jo's, window shopping, 2 trips to Whole Foods, bookstore browsing, naps and wonderful peace and quiet.

around here: we are talking a lot about "home"...what it means to us as a family, where we want to put roots down in the future, what makes us happy...big decisions & heavy conversations.

around here: we have been crafting up a storm.......making Valentine goodies to hang on the mantel

and headbands for the little princess.

around here: we are daring to dream big dreams, trying to find humor in the face of the terrible 2's, reading great books, looking forward to park-appropriate temperatures, watching the Bachelor and American Idol, giving thanks for great neighbors and friends, finding inspiration at every turn and turning to God in prayer.

thank you Ali for the around here inspiration

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