Wednesday, November 04, 2009


(1) My husband and I went on a date night a few weeks ago, and I almost cried at the table when the waiter guessed my age to be "37 or 38?"......I am 33!!

(2) I stopped eating red meat 2 weeks ago. I didn't eat red meat for several years, but started again when I was pregnant with my first child.....I don't even really like it, so I stopped...again.

(3) After looking on the Starbucks website and finding out that my daily grande, soy, no-water, extra hot, chi-tea latte is like 300 plus calories, I have decided to only allow myself that "treat" once a week, and I am getting a tall rather than a grande!

(4) I am in love with Michelle Obama's style and wish I could dress like her every day!!

(5) Sometimes I wish we could just pack up the kids and move somewhere completely different...I like the idea of living near the ocean or somewhere with beautiful mountains...sometimes I get sick of just looking at concrete with a few trees here and there (and did I mention, no bookstore in sight).

(6) I am feeling a little self-centered lately. I feel like I have been consumed with all the things I need to get done in a day, and I haven't been a very good friend to others, to my family, to my friends, to strangers, to our earth. This month, I vow to see how much I can do to make life just a little sweeter for the people in my life.

(7) It's been weeks since I read a book!! I know things are a little off-kilter with me when I go weeks without picking up a's time to start finding the joy in the "little" things again.

(8) The photos in this post have absolutely nothing to do with my confessions, but I thought they were cute :)

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Stacy said...

Sienna is precious and looks just like you in the picture of her holding the cupcakes....facial expression and all! Not that it will make you feel any better but just last week, one of my students told me I looked 39 so I know the feeling. I saw you not long ago and you looked great so don't run out and buy any wrinkle creme!


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