Thursday, September 03, 2009

unexpected fun

So last night, the kids were in desperate need of some outdoor fun, so I packed them into the car, drove to get Daddy from work, ran through Sonic to pick up a healthy dinner :) and we all headed to Harry Myers Park. 

The plan was to have a little picnic, and then walk down by the lake to watch people fishing and let the kids run around.........I knew the water wouldn't be on at the water park, so Sienna and Grant just ran around in that area pretending the water was on. 

Just before we decided to drive down to the playground area (after much pleading from Sienna), Johnny leaned on one of the poles and the water began spraying in every direction scaring the daylights out of all of us!!! We all started laughing our heads off (except Grant who was a little overwhelmed by the water at first) and then they just went wild. They had such a great time running, and chasing each other and having a blast! 

We had no dry clothes and both kiddos were soaked, but they had the water park to themselves, the weather was perfect, and it turned out to be a great unexpected treat for all of us!!

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hannah said...

aren't those the best days? i am perusing blogs today. your family is beautiful.


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