Tuesday, July 21, 2009

we're back

We are back from our week-long stay in Costa Rica!! It was an amazing vacation, and I am already looking forward to our next trip there!

Some highlights:
* meeting new friends
* white-water rafting
* horseback riding
* zip-lining through the rain forrest
* natural hot springs and mud bath
* the view from our villa
* the sunsets
* spending time along with my husband (no kiddos for a whole week)
* taking a boat out with Johnny and seeing the sunset from the water
* spotting sea turtles, monkeys, iguanas, sting rays
* snorkeling and getting stung by little jelly fish ("sea lice").....very interesting!!
* our beach picnic
* brushing up on my Spanish

We packed A LOT into seven days, and I ventured way outside of my comfort zone several times (thus the nickname "Nature Girl" given to me by our travel companions)....but we came home well-rested, so happy to see our kiddos, and so grateful to have been in such an amazing country, experiencing so much of what they had to offer!! 

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