Wednesday, July 29, 2009

life with you is never boring

                               Grant modeling his sister's sun glasses

                                              this is a daily occurrence at our house!!
                                eating ice cream outside of Joe Willy's
So my little boy turns 18 months old today, and after narrowly escaping what could have been a HUGE disaster yesterday, I am holding him extra close today and sending up extra prayers of gratitude. I won't go into all the details, but let this be a warning to all parents with a toddler in the house: Don't leave a crock pot on a surface that is within reach of said toddler!!

Grant pulled a completely full crock pot off the island yesterday, and although he escaped with only one little cut and 2 little blisters (from the hot liquid splashing up on his skin), it could have been much, much worse. The Lord protected my little boy, and I am so very grateful!!

GRANT at 18 months:
* he is into everything, constantly in motion and climbing on every surface
* he LOVES his sister more than anything in the world, and asks "Where's Sienna" at least 100 times a day....even if she is only in the next room
* he loves to eat!! (as a side note, as he was pulling the crock pot on top of himself yesterday, he was exclaiming "EAT, EAT!!")
* he has a massive vocabulary and is becoming quite the bilingual baby = his favorite Spanish words are"Mas," "Leche," "Agua," and "Ojos" (more, milk, water, eyes)
* he is extremely social and loves when we have visitors at the house
* he has a terrible temper and hates being told "No"
* he greets his Daddy when he walks in the door every evening as if he hasn't seen him in weeks.......quite the ego boost for Daddy :)
* he doesn't particularly love taking baths (unlike his sister who loves being in the water) 
* he wants nothing to do with watching television (much to his mother's dismay!)
* he is a great sleeper....knock wood
* he loves to be rocked at night before bed
* he has the sweetest smile you have ever seen and loves to give kisses & hugs to almost anyone who asks
* he can recite the entire cast of The Andy Griffith Show thanks to GaGa
* he is adorable!!

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therockwallhurtados said...

Ok~ I have to tell you this because of the Spanish words that Grant is saying. :) Jake is 4 and he says Uno to everything. He thinks that it means stop, listen and a couple other things. We will be out places and he will say Uno Mommy or Uno Daddy Uno!!! He expects us to stop and say what is it Jake. LOL! It's funny and I try correcting him but it hasn't made a difference. LOL!


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